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Marriage: Made in Heaven

Marriage is a major decision in the life of a person. In western countries Marriage is a connection of two persons of opposite sex to live together with or without getting married properly and carry up a family, a world of their own. A successful marriage life depends on two things: finding the right person and being the right person.

In India, Marriage is considered as the most sacred occasion in oneís life. Marriage brings a sense of maturity, responsibility and completeness of life. Marriage contributes towards the enhancement of social status of a person. In Hindu customs it is believed that a person repays his/her forefathers through their child, and marriage is the first step in that. The parents make all possible efforts in the selection of a right partner for their son/daughter to ensure that their child is happily married ever after. A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason - and indeed all the sweets of life.

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There are many questions related to marriage, like- When will I get married? Why are we experiencing delays in getting married? I am apprehensive about my married life. Will I have a love affair or an arranged marriage? Will I have pre marital affairs? Will my engagement break? Will I remarry? Will I remain a bachelor whole of my life? Is my husband keeping a mistress? I am a divorcee. Will I marry again? When? We are living separately. Will she come back or shall I re-marry? Will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage? Will I marry a foreigner or a native?††††† Will my husband be very rich and will he love me? I am in love with a girl. She says she loves me too. Do you think she's serious? Do you think I will marry her? When? How will be my married life? How are my marriage prospects? Is working wife suitable or a homemaker? Is there a second marriage in my life? Or is it better to remain like this? You could also ask any specific queries of yours related to marriage which is not covered in the above points. 


Match Making
Though, in Indian tradition it is widely believed that "marriages are made in heaven". But it is only through human intervention that the two families are introduced to each other.

Each man or woman expects the married life to be happy and prosperous. The astrological guidelines are to test marriage adaptability and compatibility between the male and the female. Find out what fortune has in store for you and your mate.

Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage. Discover how to deepen your relationships and become more receptive to one another. The accuracy and insight found in our reports will amaze you.

This compatibility chart is based on eight different aspects and on 36 points.
This includes mind, body and soul compatibility. The eight main factors considered for this purpose are (1) Varna, (2) Vashya, (3)Tara, (4)Yoni, (5) Grah Maitri, (6) Gana, (7) Bhukta, (8) Nadi.

All the eight factors have been allotted points based on their significance. The sum total of all these points determines the compatibility between two.


Details of Parameters:
Here Varna refers to caste of the girl and boy. In old Hindu tradition the varna's are divided into four categories. The boy and girl of the same varna or girl with higher varna is preferred. It contributes only 1 point to the sum total.

The vasya brings about mutual love and harmony and paves the way for happy union. This contributes 2 points in the total.

The tara factor, decides the adaptability of their birth stars. This is also sometimes referred to as the harmony of birth days. This enhances the health and longevity of the couple. This contributes 3 points in the total.

The yoni ensures correct matching of the sex organs of the couples for satisfactory mating. This contributes 4 points in the total.

Grah maitri considers the relation of male planets to that of female planets. Whether they are friendly, neutral or enemy to each other. This ensures the better understanding between the husband and wife. This contributes 5 points in the total.

The Gana ensures steady and continuous happiness for them. This is actually matching of human minds and temperaments. This contributes 6 points in the total.

The Bhukta decides the mutual understanding between the husband and wife. That helps them to exchange their ideas and strengthening the marriage bonds. This contributes 7 points in the total.

The Nadi which in medical terms mean pulse. So Nadi koota ensures health, longivity of the couple and happiness of the children. This contributes 8 points in the total.


Matters Revealed:

  1. Understanding and Adjusting Compatibility
  2. Sexual Compatibility
  3. Wealth and Luck
  4. Longevity of Attraction between the Couple
  5. Life of Each Spouse
  6. Growth of Family, Children, etc.
  7. ego
  8. power
  9. genetic
  10. Today when women have reached so much in the competency and career world, there is almost nothing a man can give to a woman. So dynamics of social behaviour should always be kept in mind giving due respect to dignity.


Live-in Relationship
Nobody can lead a solitary life out of personal choice. No matter what kind of relationship, man seems to be bound by someone in his life to draw a meaning to it. And when we talk about relationships, romance canít be far behind, can it?

India is widely known as a country with strong moral values and traditional integrity. Perhaps, thatís why bold exhibitions of romance go for a toss in such a typical society, least being something like live-in-relationships in India. But, incited by anything from movies to daily soaps, the younger generation, although in a population that is quite minor, has started leading a very liberal lifestyle. In a bid to know their partners better, they denounce the age-old ethics and get down to some serious living together agreements.

Recently Supreme Court opined that a man and woman living together without marriage cannot be construed as an offence. It further said there was no law which prohibits live-in relationship.

The togetherness of man and woman should be comforting, playful, and free Ė it should be fun. There should be humor, charm, and elegance; there should be mutual trust and dedication. Continuous harassing and spying on each other can spoil the warmth of relationship.

The success of live-in relationship and/or its conversion into fully legal wedding requires the same degree of thorough horoscope reading and in-depth match-making device.


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