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Who is rich? He that is contented. Who is that? Nobody. A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of. That is why the study of the sources of finances is the important aspect of the interpretation of a horoscope. One's satisfactory financial position enables one to control basic human instincts of greed, anger, pride, lust, etc, and generates positive personality traits like compassion, integrity, honesty, goodwill, contentment, etc. A happy person is in a position to progress physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually. Progress enables the most advantageous use of an individual's life.

There are many issues like Inflow of Money, Post and Position, Stability of Income, Favorable Time, Financial Stress Period, Losses and Recovery Time, Perfect Time to Invest in Shares, Stock Trading, Real Estate, Other Fixed Assets etc., Profit Yielding Transactions and the best suited time to do the same, Perfect time to invest into New Ventures, when to Expand/Diversify the existing Business, Suitability of the Business, the Expenditures, Work load, Support of Employees etc., Personal Assets, Property Inheritance, Income through physical fortitude (modeling, acting, dancing, wrestling, sports star etc.), Degree of Entrepreneurship, Income through Foreign Linkage, Practice of Professional Services ( Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Counsellors, Consultants etc.), Multiple Sources, that can be best evaluated by indepth analysis of a horoscope.

We will provide you personalized and thorough expert advice on all financial issues, your worries and promises and quantum of your success destined in your horoscope for the next one year.

ORDER NOW - Package Cost Rs.2100/- Payment Options
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All reports are manually created by Shri R.K.Shridhar. Reports will be delivered through email within 7 to 10 days from receipt of payment.
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