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One of the most useful and dynamic branches of Vedic astrology is Prashna Shashtra, i.e. asking a question, also called Horary Astrology. Answer is given on the basis of the particular time when question is asked.

Uniqueness of Prashna (Horary Astrology)
  1. The birth details of the person are not required.
  2. Provides a micro-level insight into a situation, as opposed to the macro-level overview of the general natal chart reading,
  3. As the time of asking the question can be noted exactly, the results are mostly accurate.

Ask anything You Want

There are endless possibilities when Prashna may be asked e.g. matters related to finance, property, business, health, education, job and career, marriage, love, travel, family, extent of success of a new venture; predict the time of a favorable outcome; resolve your queries before conducting an auspicious event; and so on.

Does he really love me? He says he just wants to be friends. Or he's not into me, won't marry me. Please tell me if this is really true? When will he come back?

When will he change? Can I propose to my girlfriend now? Will my partner be faithful to me? Where is the relationship going? Will my relationship with this person last? Should I end this relationship? Can I reconcile with my ex-husband? Can I trade today? Will my financier/banker lend me money today? Will my borrower return the money today? What kind of business should I invest in? Will I get the order? Will this person prove to be a good business partner? What will be the outcome of this meeting with my boss? Is it the right time to ask for a salary hike? Will I lose or retain my job? Is the person whom I am talking to trustworthy? Is this person my friend or foe? Will I have children? When can I consult the doctor? Can I get rid of my ailment? Can I go on a trip today? Will I win the dispute? Can I sell my house now? Will I pass my examination and with what grade? Will my son/daughter get a seat in a particular college/university? Is it good to relocate? Is the news true or false? Can I get my lost wedding ring? My son is traceless. Is he safe? And when will he come back? In fact anything perturbing you from the core is the matter of Prashna.

Please Keep in Mind

  1. Frame your question in a clear and easy language.
  2. Question must be direct and specific and not vague.
  3. If you have more than one question in mind, ask the most urgent and important question first.
  4. Note down the exact time and place of formation of this question in your mind.
  5. Send it along with the exact time date/time/place of transmission of this question
  6. Question must be asked with serious intention.
  7. Pray to God that He will reveal His answer to you through me.
  8. Always write down your question before asking me. This forces you to think clearly and concisely. The question should be formulated into one/two sentences--not a story.

I am sure; you will get perfect answer, if asked with pious intention. Always keep in mind, it is a divine science and based on cosmic energy of the universe. Amazingly, my clients endorse my success rate in accuracy and perfection to more than 95% through Prashna shashtra of Vedic Astrology.

ORDER NOW - Package Cost Rs.2100/- Payment Options
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All reports are manually created by Shri R.K.Shridhar. Reports will be delivered through email within 7 to 10 days from receipt of payment.
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