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Is Sex a Divine Proposition


These are the views expressed in the olden scriptures. The transcendental experiences of Unit are made by the metaphysical traditions and make use of mystery of sexualry as a means. It is oneness while doing the sexual act and the mystical experiences one gain out of it. Apart from Indian scriptures, these secrets are available in Hebrews, Greek and Arab scriptures also. A study of alchemic books of mediaeval Europe reveals continuation of this tradition and experience, often taking the form of inspired romantic or mystical poetry, generally couched in allegory. The alchemy of ecstasy is extremely simple and at the same time it is complex too.  It is difficult to understand but easy to do.

The growing interest in the expansion of consciousness and self-awareness (Atmasakshatkar) has led many to search for liberation through sexuality. It is liberating one from the inhibitions of guilt to sensual enjoyment.  Liberation from Kama, generally known as sex, is the path of spiritualism. Some psychiatrists and psychologists have felt that increasing incidence of this feeling of emptiness is the root of neurosis in our all-permissive society. Hence they stress on the need to help re-establish meaning and creative direction in the life of an individual. After the sex one feels bliss and after that emptiness that feeling while reaching the spiritual level is required to be achieved. The sexual behavior in the West has created a psychological barrier and restricts inner growth which in turn leads to loneliness and frustration.

Unnatural norms of sexual behaviour restrict individual development, lead to perversions and create a feeling of guilt. If we understand and practice the righteous path, we can know the alchemy of ecstasy and thereby lead ourselves to self-development and higher direction in life.

Indian philosophy professing the means to reach to a level of total liberation has been taking into consideration all spheres of human system and explained them in the forms of God and Goddesses where man can attain moments of ecstasy and bliss. The Trinity explained as Lord Brahma-the Creator, Lord Shiva-the significator for destruction, death but transcendental and Lord Vishnu-the preserver of life or the Poshaka (one who feeds).  Along with them are their energies in the forms of Goddesses as Saraswati, Kali and Lakshmi.

The very primitive concept is that higher principle can only exit through a combination of male and female. This concept is found in every system of human life in Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and even in Kabalistic Judaism.

In preparation for achieving the goal of total bliss and liberation, one has to examine the positive attitudes and actions like the seed containing the potential for growth into a fully realized life - symbolized by an egg of positive energy. There are certain principles of life one has to adapt and inculcate into one's blood or sub-conscious life or make it a lifestyle.

It is not killing your desires but controlling your desires naturally and not physically. The five senses given by nature - Seeing, Smelling, Hearing, Touching and Tasting - are to be mastered and controlled in such a way that all these senses work or act according to your own desire or direction. They should not over-power you but you should over-power them. The following habits, if injected strongly into your system, can work wonders:

1.    First is to Speak the Truth always. Try - 99 per cent lies we speak during the day as a habit are not required. If you analyse before speaking your 99 per cent lies, purity of mind and soul is automatically achieved.
2.    Second is to avoid Jealousy. When you will not feel jealous of others, you will find yourself totally liberated from many things.
3.    Third is not to keep an eye over other's belongings, may it be anything.
4.    Fourth is not to steal anything, may it be habits, ideas, goods or even the words.
5.    Fifth is no backbiting.  Rather learn the art of praising - as in every shloka or sermon, we praise the Almighty for what he has given and do not curse him for what he has not given.

These are some small tips mentioned in scriptures for purification of soul before the start of any act for material or spiritual progress. If you see the most prosperous countries like Western countries, you will find the same habits in maximum people.  

To start with this, you need psychological attitude, yoga, food, drink, exercise, good sleep, meditation and ritual acts.  

For learning the second part symbolized by Lord Shiva and Mother Kali i.e. Transcendental, one has to do self-realization, self-worship and transmission of men and women energies into each other. Like the woman representing intuitive wisdom, energy is Mother Kali-the lord of Death. In the same way Lord Buddha used to converse with Wisdom-goddess and in Chinese Taoist counterpart, a mythical emperor talks with his Celestial-lady.  

The innermost secrets are revealed and conveyed through the form of intimate dialogue, first physically and then spiritually.  Only then one learns the meaning of Shiva and Kali archetypes, mystic forms, sexual fantasy, magical practices, visualization, teachings on fasting, abstinence, orgasm, drugs and sexual alchemy.  

The third stage is that of the Preserver - Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi.  The lord of the cosmic play always desires to preserve and stimulate Eros - the goddess Lakshmi, embodiment of all prosperity in her.  


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