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What Happens When Rahu is in Aries (Mesh) and Ketu in Libra (Tula) 

Rahu in Aries enables the native to undertake daring deeds with every chance of success; and he should not hesitate to go forward. Fortune favours him. This position indicates rashness that is profitable. It is also lucky for love; but after much torment on this account. In a critical situation, Rahu in Aries helps the native to extricate himself from trouble. It is similar to the Square in an unfortunate hand; it is the antidote to misfortune.

Ketu in Libra prophesies lawsuits connected with material questions. It also means disputes in the home and danger of separation. It is not a good position for the spiritual evolution of the native, as it makes him practical (often too practical), which may lead to trouble with the law, or with those with whom he comes into contact. This position, especially in the fifth house, shows anxiety on account of a child. Nevertheless, if Ketu is in the third decanate of Libra and is well aspected, it is sometimes an indication of material abundance and increase of possessions. But money does not always bring happiness, and the native will realise this.

Rahu in Aries gives self-assertion and a progressive nature. Should develop independence and stand on their own convictions. Personality should be brought to full development. Before you can give yourself away, you have to have a self to give.

Ketu in Libra shows there has been too much emphasis on leaning on others and letting them run the life. Now this person must make his own decisions whether they are right or wrong. Growth comes through one’s own expression and experience.

Here the soul is learning the lessons of self-consciousness on the most elemental levels. Experiences in prior incarnations did not permit the Self to form as a singular identity. Now the individual is paying the price for the indecisiveness of his former lives as well as learning how to rise out of his confusion by developing ‘one-mindedness’.

Highly susceptible to flattery, he goes far out of his way to do the things he believes will please others; but because he has not yet himself gone through ego identification, he becomes confused as to what course of action to take. Always trying to balance those around him, he finds himself to be the eternal referee between two or more opposing ideas, people, or conditions. Standing in the moddle, he assumes the role of the buffedr trying desperately to bring harmony to both sides at the same time. From moment to moment and day to day, he seesaws from one side to the other, hoping that he will never be required to take a definite stand!

In prior lives he judged his happiness by the successes or failures of those close to him. Now he continues to identify his life through others. His confidence can easily be shattered, for he hardly yet knows who he is. By confusing the collective needs of others with his own unrealized desires, he makes himself susceptible to long states of depression. Still, no matter how drained he feels, he continues this past-life pattern of seeking out people with whom he can identify.

At times he develops resentment at his inability to pull the opposite parts within himself together. Yet he is so used to entertaining solutions to contrary ideas that he keeps creating more.

He is attracted to music and the arts, feeling comfortable in an environment that is gracefully delicate. When circumstances around him become coarse of brittle he loses control.

He doesn’t like to live alone but desires to be left alone. For his own peace and tranquillity, he must learn to overcome his enormous sensitivity to all the disharmonious needs of those around him. He does this best by dropping the attitude that he must fight for his very survival and refocusing his attention on what positive thoughts help him to develop his own identity.

In past incarnations there was great sacrifice to others which was not fully appreciated. Now the soul reincarnates with traces of resentment at not reaping the rewards of its efforts. This brings out the contrariness of the Libra Ketu and actually prevents the individual from finding his real Self! The Rahu can come out only when the Ketu is brought to the highest possible karmic level. Thus, this individual will achieve his greatest potential after he learns to serve willingly, without desiring any rewards beyond his own self-growth.

He was impressionable in other lifetimes. Now he spends at least the first half of this life coping with the leftover residue of his own gullibility. As the years pass, he becomes an avid reader, which helps him to crystallize his thoughts. Still, there are so many past-life habits of indecisiveness that he finds it extremely difficult to make concrete decisions.

Always liking to see both sides of everything, he divides himself in half at every crossroad. When these divisions become so painful that he can no longer bear his own indecision, he starts to reach for his Aries Rahu.

Ultimately he learns not to be afriad of taking a stand for what his higher Self senses is Truth. He reaches this by teaching himself to be an individual, rather than an extension of somebody else. Still, he must build on his prior incarnations which taught him how to love rather than hate. Thus, as he starts to find himself, he must still be mindful of how his newly-discovered assertiveness influences those close to him.

For short periods of time, he will have to isolate himself in order to gather his strength.

His biggest lessons center around learning how to make his head rule his heart, for he still melts too easily at the slightest attention.

Of all the zodiac, this individual has the least amount of past-life experience in examining himself. Now he must find out who he really is!

In the current life he is destined to make the transition from the reaper to the sower, whereupon every thought becomes a creative seed for his new beginning.

The house which contains the Ketu shows the area in life where too much past identification with oters inhibited self-development. The house which contains the Rahu designates the area where the Self is now experiencing its birth. Once a new sense of Self-identity is achieved, this individual will feel like Columbus discovering America; and the most amazing part of his discovery is reaching the awareness that it was there all along, but he never knew it.

Previous incarnation for this person was very easy-going and in considerable luxurious surroundings. Good things in life were the main pursuits for this soul. Learning on a mental level was very important for him. In this lifetime, he has to work with actions and aggression. Things are not always balanced for him now. As a result of this, he has to utilize all the means he can within his energies to carry through his wishes. Impatience and lack of tolerance can cause frustrations for him in this life. His job is tough as he has to keep his feet on the ground and at the same time watch for what goes on well above him. Failure to keep both ends tied up may cause loss of many successful opportunities in this lifetime.

You need to learn to do things for yourself. Your Libra Ketu may respond: ‘Yeah, but it’s much easier to let others do things for me. Every time I try to do my own thing, either somebody takes advantage of me or I wind up getting somebody mad at me’.

Your major problem is that you are not rational when it comes to relationships.

Possible reasons: You have such a hang-up about being fair to everybody that you bend over backwards for others at the expense of your own individuality. You’ve stifles your leadership abilities because using them led to friction or discord. You’re unable to get started on things without help, due to lack of ambition of self-motivation. Life experiences have over-emphasized the value of leaning on ohters and encouraged passivity as a means of gaining acceptance.

Possible solutions: Force yourself to undertake leadership roles. Dare to be enthusiastic about your beliefs and interests. Cultivate spontaneity. Do things on youw own once in a while. Find a guru to follow. Find a big strong man (or good woman) to lean on.

With Libra Ketu, decision-making is often a problem. This is because with Libra Ketu, there’s a tendency to overdevelop logic to the point that it smothers the Aries feeling and acting functions. However, feelings can’t be totally ignored. They have a way of coming out and moving you in certain directions whether you choose to be aware of them or not. If they’re denied positive expression through individuality and assertiveness, they’ll be forced to take a negative route through insincerity, meddling or dependence. With Libra Ketu, rationalization can lead to irrationalit, since feelings get lost in the shuffle. Usually, this dependency on passive intellectualizing is the result of some traumatic experience where feelings have let the individual down. Often he or she has been ridiculed or rejected for reasons that were never clearly understood, and from that point on has decided that feelings can’t be trusted. So figuring out strategies replaces feelings. The Libran Ketur takes great pains to be sure that all decisions about marriage, job and life style in general are formulated logically and planned thoroughly. The trouble is that logic without feeling leads to marriage without love, prestige without satisfaction, and existence without living. Eventually depression sets in and logic ceases to function. At that point, Libra Ketu is forced to get in touch with his or her feelings and take appopriate action, thus attaining a nodal balance between Aries and Libra.

In my experience, the person with an over-developed Libra Ketu dislikes being alone; asks for help and advice, but then seems resentful of it; spends a great deal of time and money on grooming, cosmetics, clothing etc.; speaks in a monotone or a very tiny voice; is indecisive; is extremely co-operative to the point of being a door mat; has an inferiority complex; is a gracious host or hostess whose door is invariably open to everyone at all times; works hard at romance; and feels sorry for single people, regardless of their circumstances.

Rahu in Aries wants to be outgoing. He or she wants to be a self-started, well able to lead and assertive enough to get what he or she wants. In contrast, this person is generally well-liked but inclined to see himself or herself as passive or too shy. There’s usually an interest in or talent for art, fashion, editing, publicizing, or some other Libra-ruled talent; but because the person seldom challenges that talent by doing anything innovative, he or she is passed by when the acclaim gets handed out, and may begin to feel resentful. He or she can be sympathetic to the point of becoming a doormat, and may become so enmeshed in others’ struggles for success and happiness that his or her own needs remain unfulfilled.

Antidotes for Aries imbalance: Psychological counselling (particularly assertiveness training) is often helpful in learning to utilize the Aries Rahu. The client might be advise to write or tape a statement of his or her philosophy of life, including a list of goals for the next year. You may then help the client determine how to best express this philosophy while fulfilling the goals. Scientific study, particularly in the field of physics or physical development, may be recommended if the client shows aptitude along these lines. Any sort of discipline program – from Scouting to the National Guards – could prove beneficial. Travel – preferably alone – is recommended. Leadership roles – particularly in the work sphere – should be accepted.

For any type of Aries imbalance, the catch-phrase should be ‘Try something new’. This ‘something new’ should naturally coincide with some untapped talent, as shown in the chart.

For many reasons, clients may not be ready to embark on a totally new life style. In these cases, a new hobby could prove beneficial. Among the hobbies I’d recommend for Aries nodal imbalance are: any sort of nature activities, from hunting to photographing wildlife, football or soccer, hockey, boxing or karate, enamel work.

You may need to be more independent and not be reliant on relationships or others’ perceptions of you. You should avoid shaping your identity by assuming others’ attitudes, beliefs, and values. Lacking self-confidence can result in confusion and indecision, especially when important decisions are required. At times, it may appear that you allow others to decide for you.

Relationships can provide security and stability; and you try to please those on whom you depend. Yet, through lacking self-knowledge, you may fail to acknowledge and respect your own needs, desires, and aims.

Be wary of more dominant influences; you may be gullible and impressionable. If so, you need to outgrow this and assume responsibility for evaluating situations and options. Relying on others will interfere with your choices and major decisions. At times of crisis, a divided self only offers additional confusion and pain; and you need to be decisive to resolve issues.

Try to follow inner promptings – perhaps previously ignored or dismissed ‘messages’. Move in the direction toward which intuition guides you. Through developing faith in this process, you can release potential and be true to your nature. In so doing, you can discover how to honor your whole self.

When overly sensitive to others’ needs or tending to confuse them with your unrealized and unfulfilled desires, you may experience weakened vital energies, which can create occasional depression. Acknowledge and assert your requirements, and take responsibility to satisfy them, as these are important for integration and personal growth. While a concept of service to others may remain a motivating force, your first priority must be to yourself, so that you integrate your whole being, instead of diminishing yourself through relationship dependency. Once this is achieved, you could serve from a different yet more effective perspective. When you attain inner harmony, energies radiating from you will also embody this quality to benefit thers, even though some may find these energies uncomfortable due to their own disharmonious state.

Your new assertiveness also needs to respect relationships, connecting self and others for mutual benefit. You need to be true to yourself and to discover how to co-operate with others. By acknowledging your nature, you can explore relationships to greater depth, enriching them through shared understanding. Often, the Libran energy is activated when you try to unify people, ideas, and situations, operating like a central balance between opposite conditions. The new balance required from you is ‘self and others’, where you develop balanced attitudes, individuality, and independence, while creating interdependent relationships. The key to this is to transform dependent behavior patterns.

Aries is the cardinal Fire sign. It is ‘the’ sign par excellence, in which self-manifestation takes place. Here, the ‘I’ must stand out against the world, and especially against the ‘You’. We must be able to say ‘Yes’ to ourselves, and to express this attitude in our lifestyle. Nevertheless, the way in which the desire for self-assertion is expressed by the Aries native will depend on our state of awareness. Or, to put it another way, the hazier the picture we have of ourselves, the more we resort to force; but the more differentiated our consciousness is, the more subtly we proceed. Yet even when being fairly subtle we still use ‘push’ – we have plenty of that. The ‘I’ tends to manifest itself in what may be pictured as a series of pulsations. The same is true when the Moon’s Node is in Aries: we try to bring our personality to bear on the world in order to make things happen. This placement of the Node is usually a fairly strong incentive to be creative. Someone with the Node in Aries is incapable of settling down to routine work, even when output would increase. Increased output is not a consideration with Aries; what matters is creating something unlike anything anyone else can create. To produce something creative that is completely personal is the ultimate in self-expression for this sign.

With hard aspects to the Node, there is a danger of over-producing like some sort of ‘Stakhanovism’. The native engages in hectic activity, and revels in quantity instead of being creative. However, the individual with the Node in Aries can produce an enormous amount of truly creative work.

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