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Need to reorient astrological principles Astrology has moved from stages of fortune telling and predictions about marriage, children, illness through muhurta, prasana varshphal etc. into more complex areas. Presently, more work has to be done in areas of educational & career counselling.

Astrology can help the native by telling or guiding the parents in which field or on which the children would be successful by giving them proper guidance at proper time. This work can be done by collective efforts in a group of well trained astrologers who can make use of their professional background to give a new and modern meaning to ancient terms used in the books of astrology.

 In the competitive age of our times, boys and girls have to decide which line of education to pursue and which profession to choose. Now a days school are a test of parents and they have difficult time in getting little once admit to a suitable school. After secondary level, parents would like their children to do professional courses for which they did not get a chance while young or want to put their children in which they are already prospering.

So profession like that of a doctor or engineer are very prestigious one but now a days computer field and business administrative/transportation/politics and journalism are also very prestigious. This stark reality can only be explained by assigning a greater meaning in interpretation of 10th house. In fact, 10th house does provide indications to show differences in nature of postings and the duties one is required to discharge.

Significance of 10th house

The 10th house is a very important house in the horoscope of a person. It is the house which determines one’s rank, social status and profession.

The general significators in any horoscope are the Ascendant, the 10th house, the Sun and the Moon. These signs are respectively known as the Lagna, the Dashama Lagna, the Surya Lagna and the Chandra Lagna.

The 10th house has to be invariably judged not only from the Lagna but also from the Chandra Lagna. This is considered opinion of ancient stages and scholars like Varahamir. Saravali devotes a separate Chapter to discuss the effects of planets placed in the 10th house from Chandra Lagna.

The 10th house (its names and indications)

The 10th house is called (command, authority) it is also called as Meshurana from this one should know profession.

The terms to indicate the 10th house are Vyapara (Commerce), Aspada (rank of position), Karma (acts, occupations profession), Jaya (success), Kirti (fame), Karali (sacrifice), Jeevana (Livelihood profession), and Vyoma (sky or zenith).

Achara (Good conduct), Guna (good qualities), Pravritti (inclination), Gamana (going), Ajna (command) and Meshurana. It is also called as Rajya. These factors are indicated by the 10th house.

Judgement of the 10th house

In the judgement of bhava of any house three factors are to be mainly considered:
1.    The house itself
2.    The lord of the house and
3.    The karka planet of the house.

Firstly note which planets are placed in the house and them the planet are aspecting it. Then we should see the placement of its lord in rasi and navamasa and its stellar position. Its association and aspects with other planets. Lastly the Karka for profession is the Sun, but if we are interested in the income from the profession, we must study Jupiter also.

The Karakas of the 10th house. In Jataka Parijata we find the Karakas i.e. Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Saturn are the Karakas for the 10th house.
This 10th house is known in the western books, by the names mid heaven, medium coeli and angle of the South. It is denoted as. M.C. or medium coeli, the Sun touches the cusp of the 10th house at mid-day. This house denotes honour credit fame as told before. Evil planets placed here produce dishonour and bring discredit. Mars afflicted here will produce slander and illrupte, Sun unafflicted here power, honour, fame nobility and happiness. Jupiter, Venus herein make one an eminent person. The bad result takes place if it is afflicted. In the horoscope of Napoleon, Saturn is placed in the 10th house. It gave him a sudden rise but then down fall too.

Method to determine one’s profession and Source of Income

For this purpose the cusp of the 10th house M.C. has to be accurately calculated. Varahamira says counting has to be done from Lagna, Moon & the Sun. The most important is Lagna and then Chandra Lagna and then Surya. If the planet is the Sun, it indicated the income through father; Moon indicated income through mother, Mars through brothers, Mercury through friends, and Jupiter through brothers Venus through ladies or wife, Saturn through servants.

Important rules regarding the 10th house

1.    If the 2nd & 10th lords are in conjunction-the native will live by banking (interest from lending money)

2.    If 4th and 10th lords are in conjunction-the native will live on the income from lands.

3.    If 5th & 10th lords are in conjunctions-the native will be employed under a king or in a temple.

4.    If 6th & 10th are lords in conjunctions- the native will live by being a thief or a doctor, or by carrying out punishment in prision, imprisonment due to by quarrels or litigation.

5.    If 7th & 10th are lords are in conjunctions- the profession might involve travel, he may be employed in Railway or postal service or might carry merchandise from place to place.

6.    If 9th and 10th lord are in conjunction, the native pursues a religious or chartitable profession or engaged in a noble profession.

7.    If 10th lord & 8 lords or 10 & 12th lords are in conjunction the native’s profession deteriorate or is ruined.

8.    If 10th lord and 11th lords are in conjunction the native pursues a trade or a business.

Broad category and level of profession

As told earlier, planets placed in the 10th house exercise a strong influence on one’s life. They influence one’s profession, success, rank & status.

When a benefic planet is placed in 10th house or it the lord of 10th house in own sign or exaltation sign or when lord of Lagna is posited in the 10th house the individual becomes very famous. He is engaged in meritorious acts. He becomes fortunate like a king and has a long lease of life.

When the Sun or Mars are placed in the 10th house, one is very powerful and becomes a favourite of the people.
When Rahu, Saturn or Ketu is placed in the 10th houses the individual commits bad deeds.

Some combinations and their indications

1.    Mars and Mercury = Mathematician
2.    Mars and Jupiter = post in police
3.    Mercury and Venus = engineer, photographer, artist
4.    Venus and Moon = actor dramatist, cinema director
5.    Moon and Jupiter = a very favourable yoga for much wealth

We can say astrology is the art of seeing light, of guiding of counseling based on thr truth called the horoscope. Astrology is the pathway to God through the maze of intuition and the brilliance of an organized science, like any other science

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