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Vastu in a Multistoried Apartment is EASY if…

It is rather difficult to construct a multi with a number of residential flats as it is not so simple to fix proper zones for kitchen, bathroom, w/c, bedroom etc. as per Vaastu principles. However if flats in a multi are constructed keeping following points under consideration or the already constructed flats are rearranged, then quite favourable results may be obtained:-

As far as possible, flats must be constructed in rectangular or square area that is each and every flat component must be a square or rectangular unit.

Each unit (flat) must have bathroom in the NE zone, leaving sharp corner for a small temple. Bathroom must be followed with a w/c towards East that is away from NE corner. W/c may be given to SW or NE zone also.

The kitchen should be towards SE sharp. It must never be towards NE. If it be there, then shifting becomes essential. Second preference of kitchen may be given towards NW.

Master bedroom should be towards SW of the unit. Other beds may be given toward NW/N or Eest.

Center of the flat (unit) should be free. It should be kept empty and clean.

The unit must have ventilators more towards East & North or towards NE zone.

Store room must be towards SW zone or it should be in the mid-West.

At least 200 to 500 kg weight should always be present in the sharp SW corner.

The main gate of the unit should open towards the interior of the room. It must not be of sliding nature.

Sharp SW corner should never be allotted to the gate of the unit.

The main gate of the campus of the complex must be towards any of the sharp direction i.e. North, South, East or West, or towards NE or NW but in no case it should be towards SW or SE.

The tube well or wells in the campus of the apartment building must be in NE, East or North.

Any kind of water storage zone should be towards NE (leaving sharp corner for the common temple of the complex) or towards East or North but it should not be towards SE zone.

The placement of the building should be done in such a way that more open space should be left towards East & North than West & South.

Plantation should be done in North & West and following plants should specially be planted in the campus in favourable directions:
a)    Ashok - towards North,
b)    Kanak Champa - towards North
c)    Ashapala - towards West
d)    Sambhaloo - Anywhere.

The overhead tank of the complex should be given in SW zone. If possible select SW sharp corner for it.

Drainage should be towards SW or NW. It could also be towards West or even towards SE away from the sharp SE corner.

The water streaming should be done from South to North or from West to East or towards both North & East.

South portion should be made somewhat elevated.

The electric mains & electrical switches should be given in SE corner of the rooms in the flats and towards SE zone or in the sharp SE corner of the complex. Second preference may be given to NW.

Parking for light vehicles may be given towards NE and parking for the heavy vehicles may be given towards West or mid-North.

Staircases to be given in South, West or SW but they should not be given towards NE.

It is better to enclose a central open to sky space and around that the structure should be constructed.

Remedies for anti-constructed flats
In a flat of a multi-storied building we cannot bring about any constructional change. Hence in such a case following simple remedies can be performed to overcome the defects:-

If the toilets be in unfavorable directions, keep sufficient amount of common salt crystals preserved in a plastic bucket in the toilet permanently. It will nullify the bad energy there.

If the 'Brahma-sthan' be under heavy load, shift the load towards south-west or west or even towards south.

If there be a wall covering 'Brahma-sthal' a part of the wall is removed from there to allow the flow of air from there. The space should be at least of  1'x6", as shown below:-

Always keep a kg. of Alum crystals opened in the drawing room and the master-bedroom.

On every 'Amavasya', a small 'Havan' should be performed. In that 'Havan' a cowdung cake is burnt and then over that burning dung cake a mixture of the following should be burnt as 'aahuti'

(i)    Sandal powder
(ii)    Kale Til (Black Sisamum)
(iii)    Jau  
(iv)    Desi Camphor
(v)    Raal (gum of shorea robusta)
(vi)    Powder of Ashwagandha, and
(vii)    Pure (Desi) ghee.

Doing so regularly would cure the bad effects of Vaastu and residents of the flat may feel healthy, wealthy, peaceful and prosperous.



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